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Santos Juliá

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Manuel Azaña left behind a varied and huge work that has suffered long year of exile until finalizing its slow and intermittent recovery. First from Mexico, with the Obras Completas published by Juan Marichal, and later with the publication in Spain of articles, pamphlets, diaries, speeches and letters which could not be compiled for that edition. But we were still missing the analysis of his entire written and spoken work as a continuous flux starting from his youth articles and finalizing with his letter while being exiled.

Today it is possible to know the entire works and measure the real presence of Manuel Azaña in the Spanish letters and policy. If already few were able to express with his same level the reformist ideal  of the Republic, no one could equal the depth of his words around what he defined as his cruel and undeserved destiny. He was never moved by grudge or claimed for revenge; always, from the very first moment, he summoned peace. In this series of conferences we will pay special attention to his literary work, his political essays, his decisive contribution to the Autonomy Statute for Cataluña, and finally, the political significance and moral legacy of president of the Republic.

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