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Félix de Azúa

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A magnificent invention from the late romanticism, the dandy is another of the multiple figures built by the bourgeoisie to replace the values of a decapitated aristocracy. That society that was left decapitated advanced by trial and error along the industrial revolution, when democracy and its corresponding technical control were still blooming and lacked any media support. This is, from the eyes and mouth of the monetary society.

This why the dandy is part of the extensive romantic family of the trivial heroes that show the masses of people their inadequacy for the system, either under the shape of the rebel, the dammed, the objector or the living-room revolutionary, in substitution of the old religious and ecclesiastic models of saint, martyr, or chose one. Its integration capacity was what triggered the market of fashion.

The figure, nevertheless, does not wear out in the late romantic archetype but prolongs until occupying the entire 20th century through what is called the "artist of vanguard" or the "compromised intellectual", which still crawls moribund in our own 21st century.

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