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Luis Antonio de Villena

Bohemians and damned URL:
Bohemians and cursed will be an attempt to intertwine through some emblematic characters two of the trends that are part of the rich lattice of art and literature from the "in-between-centuries" (the way that the time period basically between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century is currently known). The cursed refers to the formulation of the total anti-system period (including moral), while the bohemian is, in its several branches, a complainer of the useful art, going from late romanticism to the late bohemians that the bourgeois identified as miserable losers or supplicants. Did they still think in the bohemian ideal? In this presentation, among the many that were, we will not forget of names like Rimbaud or Gauguin, and also the Spaniards like Alejandro Sawa or Pedro Luis de Gálvez. We will not question ourselves if there were also cursed or bohemians who were rich, even millionaires. There were some. This will also be addressed in the conference, but it is  better not to reveal anything yet...
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