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José Carlos Llop

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We know that aesthetics are deeply related with beauty and with art, which do not necessarily mean the same. In some occasions -the lesser- the real aesthete founds a new beauty. Depositing his sight over it, he claims the attention of others; on other occasions he supports in the tradition to recreate his own aesthetically canon. In the first case, only some -aesthetes too- capture, adopt and propagate this new form. In the second it is society -in its most snobbish and fleeing strata, that of fashion- who immediately is reflected in that creation.

Names? Each of us have our own particular list. In mine we find Visconti, Beistegui, Praz o Anthony Blunt. Some may span from Manolo Blanik to Peter Greeneway, and going through Andy Warhol. But the aesthete, is he so for all of his life (a life destined to be somehow a work of art)? Can the nature of the aesthete be ephemeral? Starting from the models mentioned, my conference will focus on a little known period of Llorenç Villalonga, the one between wars.

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