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Andrés Soria

Activism, antagonism, nihilism and agonism: Avant-Garde controversies URL:
Activism, antagonism, nihilism, and agonism are four moments that characterize the dialectics of the avant-garde movements according to the classic proposal of Renato Poggioli. Since the publication of the Manifesto of Futurism by Marinetti in Le Figaro a 20th of February a hundred years ago, and until the frictions of surrealism with the left, the vanguards were presented under sign of a feud, in agreement with the military attitude, and with a much larger reach than that of mere literature, due to the fact of having the will to get extended as a sort of institution across all arts. The topic of the presentation will consist in reminding some of these episodes, before and after the World War I in Europe, and its peninsular echoes (Ultraist movement and Dadaism, or the surrealist stimulus, for example), a bit paler than in the origin, but unquestionably and relatively important.
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