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Jordi Gracia

The consolidation of a canon URL:
The aim of this conference is to be a reflexion about the stability of a canon for autobiographical literature in the Spanish cultural system: not only due to the evident current value of the many classics in this genre -from Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Rafael Alberti or José Moreno Villa up to Juan Goytisolo, Carlos Barral, Carlos Castilla del Pino or Antonio Martínez Sarrión-, but also for the plurality of the resolutive forms and literary sieges that this literature mode of the ego has experienced (which goes beyond the memoirs or the autobiography): the diary, the dietary, autobiographical novels, or the border of the auto-fiction, with essential names of the literary scene of democracy like Francisco Umbral, Pere Gimferrer, Andrés Trapiello, Miguel Sánchez-Ostiz or Esther Tusquets.
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