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José Luis Abellán

Spain's place in the world URL:
The normalization process has taken us to rediscover the role of Spain in the world after three centuries of isolationism. The country, a crossroad of cultures -"the Spain of the three religions"-, recovers its historical destiny in the same line as it had occurred along the time that its historical constitution process had taken place. Spain reappears as a mix of cultures and civilizations, and in a very special way, as a privileged country in the relationships between Europe and Latin America. In regards to Europe, its condition of peripheral country has been used as a lever to invert its traditional isolation, opening up to Mediterranean countries. Since it incorporated into the European Union in 1986, Spain participates in  a very real way in the organisms and political life. In regards to Latin America, today Spain receives and provides work to hundreds of Latin American immigrants. Also, Spain invests in those countries and keeps a very active collaboration with them, through the summits of the Comunidad Iberoamericana de Naciones. On the other side, if Spain has changed, Ibero America has not changed any less, with a political, economic and social reality substantially different to the ones of 30 years ago. The role of Spain in this community is acting as a "bridge" with Europe, fostering a neocultural area where the Iberian languages -Spanish and Portuguese- will have an almost absolute prominence.
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