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Marta Pessarrodona

The Bloomsbury Group URL:

Along my presentation I will attempt to transmit to the audience the question that I posed myself years ago: why should we get interested today in those English characters of the beginning of the 20th century who, in principle, did not even attempt to form a "group"? It is worth mentioning that like for example in the case of the Surrealists, it was their enemies (and in tone of pun), and among them Wyndham Lewis, who invented the denomination of Bloomsbury Group.

Once we admit the Group, the variety of its members (writers, painters, economists, psychoanalysts) give an idea of its kaleidoscopic nature. Nevertheless partially answering the previous question, we can consider that the Bloomsbury Group was the first British cultural association where there were equal conditions for men and women. This is indicated by the fact that two of its more brilliant members were a woman (Virginia Woolf) and a man (J.M. Keynes). The same is true if we refer to art, specifically painting, with Vanessa Bell and her curious partner Duncan Grant, just to give another example. The characters and the group coexisted with end of the Victorianism, two world wars, the obtention of voting rights for women, modern artistry, among many other elements that could not only fill completely this conference, but an entire course.

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