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Joan Matabosch

The challenges of present opera URL:

Since the 1940's the opera has suffered (and also enjoyed) radical changes in practically all the aspects that make it possible. The style of the representations has changed, the way of rehearsing and preparing the show, the management, the funding, the organization of the theaters into radically different models between one geographical area and another, the hiring of the artists, the construction of the careers of the artists themselves, the "star-system", the role of the musical director and the scene director, the relationship with modern audiovisual media, and the accessibility to the genre for an audience becoming larger and more socially diverse. And specially as a consequence of all, opera itself, as a kind of art, has also changed.

It is convenient in order to peek into what is about to get to us in terms of management, to proceed from the most general to the most particular: from the "general" conditions of art, to the art of opera; and from there, to the management: the objectives and the constraints of the a theatre’s program.

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