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Javier Moscoso

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The pain, which in most occasions lacks any justification, holds nevertheless a history. In these "histories of pain" Javier Moscoso will present us with the gestures of the virgin martyrs, of the penances that took place, hidden, inside the monasteries, of the small comedies of sexual masochism, of the anatomical theatre of the Modern World, of the faces of patients anesthetized of the wary pain caused by nervous disorder or the unawareness of the mental illness. Halfway between history and philosophy, his presentation will deal about the artistic, law and scientific modalities that have allowed since Renaissance and until our days to culturally comprehend the human suffering. The representation, the sympathy, the imitation, but also the coherence, confidence or the narrativity are some of the rhetoric resources and arguments that men and women have used, and still use, to feel our pain, and also to express it providing it of collective meaning and social value.
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