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José Enrique Ruiz-Doménec

Courtly love or the most literary of loves URL:

What is courtly love, that fascinating literary storm that began in the last third of the 12th century? A rebellion of modern sensibility against past ways of life; it is clear that it was the invention of some great writers of that time period, but it is also clear that since then it has become a European cultural and social referent until our days. It found a privileged expression in the poetry of the troubadours and even in Dante, and above all, in the novels linked to knighthood, its preferred tales.

The creation of the exemplary figures to explain the world of emotions allowed that some genius, the most original, got interested in describing and deciphering love as the most privileged realm of human behavior, of the most durable heartbreaks, of the illusions, of the hopes. All of them careful with the value of each word, seduced by the imagination of their own characters, they attempted to overcome the frontiers of reality distinguishing fiction from pretense. All of them conceived literature as way to understand an emotion that has not abandoned us since the time it was discovered.

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