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Carlos López-Otín

Ageing and cancer: dreams of immortality URL:
The quest for eternal youth, that dream still impossible that has been chased by some men, has stimulated the human imagination since very long ago. In a parallel quest, the tumor cells have been able to find on their own the secrets of a cloning past, selfish and immortal. Today the explorers of the molecular world try to discover in the interior of the cells the key for aging, longevity and even immortality. In this conference organized by the Fundación March, I will describe the most recent results of our research team aimed at deciphering the logic of molecular processes as complex as aging and cancer. Special attention will be give to the description of the great international Cancer Genome Project, which represents the beginning of a new era in oncological research. Also, I will present the current possibilities offered by genome sequencing in order to incorporate new terms that we call "the formula of longevity". Finally, we will discuss the new therapeutic opportunities for the treatment of cancer derived from the study of tumor genomes, as well as the different options that science can offer to extend human longevity. 
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