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Victoria Cirlot

The myth of the Grail in literature and in art URL:
Since the Middle Ages until our days the myth of the Grail has been created and recreated in images and texts. Its first apparition is located around the year 1180 in the novel by Chrétien de Troyes Story of the Grail, an unfinished work that stemmed continuations, translations and new elaborations. The construction and creation of the myth by French and German writers is located between 1180 and 1230. The significative power of the myth produced a never-ending search of meanings until the liturgic drama by Richard Wagner Parsifal, a work mediating between the Middle Ages and the 20th century that has allowed the myth to survive in both literature and cinema. This conference will attempt to answer the question of what are the reasons behind the great echoes that this myth had in European culture across all these centuries.
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