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Julia Gutiérrez Caba


The actress Julia Gutiérrez Caba, recently awarded with the Premio Max de Honor 2012 for her entire career, will star in a new session of the "Fundación Conversations" together with the journalist Antonio San José. Born within a family of great artistic tradition, she soon became a renowned actress in theatre, cinema and television, and her many and prestigious awards are witness of this: together with the one mentioned, and among many others, she has also been awarded with Premio Nacional de Teatro (1970), Premio Miguel Mihura (1978 y 1980), Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes (1994), and Mayte (2006).

Along this interview, San José will ask our guest to present three proposals which from her point of view, could contribute to improving society. The dialogue will be complemented with projection of images related to the activity of the actress.

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