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José Enrique Ruiz-Doménec

The world that created the Crusades URL:

Once the year one thousand was passed, and after verifying that the terrors of the millennium were unfounded and the world had not come to an end, a few assemblies of bishops in southern Europe proclaim that the "peace of God" is the most valuable good of society. This way, they faced the feudal nobility, and particularly their confidence men, the knights, who had made war their reason of life. This moral conflict quickly became a a political dispute. The situation further escalated with the reform of the Church sponsored by the pope Gregory VII, the "Gregorian Reform", which caused a strong confrontation between the secular power, represented in the figure of the emperor Henry IV, and the ecclesiastic power, represented by the pope himself, and which caused the Canossa event where the former was submitted to the power of the later. With this climate it was attempted to find a an ideal that would combine the interests of the nobility and the church, and this ideal were the crusades, where the church sanctified war as a way of life, as long as this was done in the name of faith. This way, the "matamoros" (Moor killer) knights like Roldán, the hero of the "chansons de geste" that carries his name, became knights of Christ, “milites Christi”, embracing the cross and launching the long enterprise of conquering the Holy Land.

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