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Miquel Molist

From Jericho to Babylon, or from the Town to the City in the Near East URL:
In this conference we will review the evolution of the first settlements arising from the "neolithic" revolution, particularly from Jericho to the cities of Lower Mesopotamia, and specially the mythical Babylon as an example of architectonic richness. In order to follow such evolution we will analyze examples of archaeological sites exemplifying the changes and progressive complexity of the agglomerations. For these example we will choose some of the most recent research novelties from the East such as Djade el Mughara (Syria), Gobekli (Turkey), Tell Halula (Syria), Asikli Hoyuk (Turkey), Habuba kabira (Syria) Mari (Syria)… We will expose both, the constructive technical advances as well as the variability in architectonic types and solutions, always within the social-economic and cultural framework where they developed. We will emphasize the so-called collective function buildings and their current interpretations that highlight their role in antiquity as religious symbols. The analysis of the origins of the temples is a matter of debate in the environments of Eastern archeology. For a better visualization of these analyses we will present updated graphical material (drawings, photographies, planimetry,...), many of them coming from the most recent archaeological digs in the East.
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