Antonio Alvar Ezquerra
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The city of Troy is, since Schliemann located it during the nineteenth century near the Turkish city of Hüserlik, a real city, where archaelogists try to unravel the mysteries of its long and unlucky existence. But until then it was, above all, the setting of a great fantasy that impregnated all of Western literature and art, from Homer to the present day. The best of the epic tradition was forged with it and poets, playwrights, historians and novelists all made use of it; the city is the subject of none too few artistic recreations and its heros have inspired and continue to inspire painters, sculptors and musicians of any time and any place. Troy ultimately led to the birth of Rome (and to a large extent this explains its survival in the Western imagination), so that one of the longest and most prolific paths from our past leads us to that imaginary Troy that becomes increasingly truer to us.

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