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Enrique Baquedano

Numantia or the Fable of David and Goliath URL:
When in everyday language the qualifier "numantine" is used, we all understand that the subject is something or someone that defends freedom and independence paying with life in exchange, if necessary. It is also a synonym of other values like the bravery, courage, recklessness, resistance and, above all, dignity. The value of weak against the powerful. This is why everything that is numantine produces in us affection and emotion. Any sensible person will take part for the small Nvmantia against the powerful Rome. But things were, as it is always the case with humans, much more complex and archaeology shows us a reality in which not all the numantines sacrificed, and many lived subject to the orders of the  occupying forces. The archaeological discoveries of the brave city along more than a century have implied the writing of some of the most attractive and passionate pages of hispanic archaeology.
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