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José Ángel García de Cortázar

The Gothic Era, the Dawning of a New Sensibility URL:

The historians insist in the role played by the phenomenon of the apparition of cities in the genesis of the gothic society attitudes. The growth of the feudal society produced the cities. The city was built over three logics: commerce, uprooting and individuality. The interrelated game of the three gave way to new behavioral patterns, which upon the tests of growth stop posed by the demographic crisis of the Black Death and the religious schism of the West, produced new attitudes. Six are the most relevant and my conference will be focused on their presentation and exemplification:

1. The progress of individualism, 2. The advances of physical and social cells, 3. The strengthening of the measure and the reason, 4. A certain realignment of the perception of the society and their attitudes towards life and death, 5. The strengthening of the sense of modernity, and 6. The belief that knowledge is power.

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