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Rafael Aguirre

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We begin by briefly introducing the evolution of the studies on the historical Jesus, starting from the appearance of the critical exegesis. Later, we will point to the nature of the current investigations, particularly highlighting the advances in the knowledge about the historical, social, and cultural context in which his life developed. This implies a multidisciplinary approach to the study of Jesus. To put in place what we will expose next, it is important to remember the epistemological nature of historical knowledge, which has to avoid both, the objective positivism and the uncontrolled relativism. We will also briefly expose the sources that we have for this historical study, as well as their nature.

The central part of the conference will consist in the presentation of the most characteristic traits of the message and actions of Jesus, as well as the reactions he found among his contemporaries, as it is implied by the current research. It will be inevitable to present in a few bullets the, not any less important, diverse opinions that currently exists, although without falling into too many academicisms that may hinder the important consensuses that are being reached by the scholars.

The person of Jesus is inseparable from the intra-Jew movement he caused, already during his life, and we will try to locate sociologically the context of Judaism in his time. A rigorous historical study needs to be capable of addressing the novelty of Jesus, but always within an understandable context. Provided the very special influence that Jesus had since his days and until the present, the question about the characteristics of this historical phenomenon arise, including how much should we refer to the peculiar traits of Jesus' action and person to be able to explain it adequately. 

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