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José Manuel Galán

Thebes in Egypt. The City of a Hundred Doors URL:
One of the main cities in ancient Egypt was Waset, later known as Thebes, over which currently the city of Luxor stands. It was the main city of High Egypt since the year 2000 BC, and in several occasions it can be said that it acted as the capital of the kingdom. But above all, since 1500 BC it becomes one of the main religious centers, producing that the main settlement to grow around the great temple of Karnak and the temple of Luxor, as the temples were also the institutions in charge of redistributing the collected goods. In the opposite shore the great temples of the ruling pharaohs between 1500 and 1000 BC were constructed. Also these would become with the pass of time economical centers and real fortresses. This way, the numerous temples of the area with their imposing gates standing side to side marked the path to divinity which was hosted in chapel all the way in the back, and this made the Greeks call the city of Thebes the "city of a hundred doors". Today Luxor in one of the main touristic attractions of Egypt, as its monuments still preserve their original grandeur, being witnesses of the imperial history and the great architectonic capacity of the ancient Egyptians, of their peculiar aesthetics and their meditated symbology at the service of their religious beliefs and political vision.
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