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Luis Mateo Díez

An experience of the imaginary URL:


The construction of an imaginary universe from the experience of writing is the topic of my presentation. The personal approach to the construction, what motivates it and what it requires, gives me the opportunity to think about the substantial elements of fiction and the sense of it. Starting from the idea that the atmosphere and the characters are the two things that most time endure in my writer memory, I make some considerations about the discovery of the verbal tone of the story as a path of generation of the atmospheres, their most physical and moral traits, and the characters who appear and take control of the writer withholding the story told by nurturing the plot in which we met them.

Among the substantial elements of this experience of creating fictions, we find the memory, the imagination, and the word. An important part of my reflexion will be aimed at determining what each of them means in what I call narrative, what do memory and imagination contribute with to make the word acquire a different identity, it becomes narrative, and heads its uses and meanings to create that other reality which takes shape in the imagination.

Also, the reflexion will further extend to the personal paths that in my life, in my particular experiences, made me arrive to writing and, with it, to the food of the imaginary, to the need of creating territories, those worlds, that acquire their own existence during the invention.

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