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Álvaro Delgado-Gal

Art and the market URL:

It is possible to conceive art, just like science, as a way of production. And of course, it is also possible to conceive as a way of production the kind of effort or activity that have been devoted to the study the branch of economy known as the "theory of production". Nevertheless, there is a key difference between the productive activity of a screw factory and, for example, Einstein's productive activity. While the business of the screw fabricator is basically devoted to earn money through selling his screws, Einstein was consecrated to elucidating certain physical truths. The criteria validating the business success is the benefit, and thus, in a market economy, the way in which it has been possible to satisfy this or that necessity of society through competitive prices. The criteria validating the scientific success is not the response of the market, it is the corporative consensus.

And to what is closer art as a way of production? science of the srew company? In this conference I will argue that both models include a non-negligible analog value; that the art oriented towards the market does not necessarily mean the production of low quality articles; that the presence of the market in the contemporary world is much more tenuous than what is normally considered; and that the confusion of ideas and the pathologies leading to the exploitation of public funds, are much more hurtful for art than the market. I will briefly speak about the strategies of the artistic world to accumulate incomes, or as it is equally said, of the art system. 

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