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Juan Pérez Mercader

The evolution of the universe URL:

The Evolution of the Universe
The Formation of Planetary Systems
The Origin of Life
The coevolution of life in Earth

Along this series of conferences it will be communicated to the assisting audience the knowledge acquired along the last years on the Evolution of the Universe, on the properties of the living systems, including their adaptability and the Darwinian evolution of the living systems, and on the habitability conditions of celestial objects. This description will be further completed by discussions around the experimental issues, the circumstances related to exploration associated with the adaptation of Life to extreme conditions, and to the search of in situ Life in the Solar System. Colloquial language will be used, although in occasions the discussion will build over mathematical formulas that will, nevertheless, be addressed with a plain and accesible language.

The evolution of the Universe will be described in large scale, from the Big Bang to the origin of the planetary systems. There will be a description of the Universe's "geography" and history, highlighting the regularities observed in the process, which have allowed us to establish a connection between the Universe's morphology and chronology. Special emphasis will be given to the basic principles that lie beneath this connection.

We will also talk about the formation of the planetary systems in general, and of our Solar System in particular, discussing the latest ideas around the creation of the two types of planets that exist in our planetary system: rocky and gas giants. The most important scenarios currently contemplated for the origin of life in our planet will be presented. Next, some of the most important episodes of co-evolution of life in our planet will be explained, finalizing with the discussion on the properties defining living systems that are currently contemplated.

The biology of extremophiles will also be included, paying special attention to the case of the Tinto river, and lastly we will describe the new types of instruments that, based on the current knowledge about Life and the habitability conditions, are being designed to explore the Solar System.

Finally, a few practical considerations  of practical and aplicable nature around Life and habitability in our Blue Planet, the Earth, will be presented.

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