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Antonio Muñoz Molina

The experience of fiction URL:


"This is an essay about the specific nature of the fiction narrative, which includes a part of personal trajectory: from the unconditional and juvenile spell for the novel as the supreme form of narrative expression, to a gradual disappointment that took me to explore other possibilities of the tales not associated to the invention. Little by little, a sort of inverse path has occurred in me, a return to the passionate reading of novels and the renewed illusion for writing them. But more than a return to old convictions, it is rather a discovery of other possibilities of the novel, based on the questioning of the specific part of knowledge that the novel offers, a desire to learn what kind experiences can a novel offer that cannot be reached through any other kind of tale. Reading Proust, Cervantes, Joyce, Thomas Mann again, as well as going back to the novels to which I had not payed much attention the first time I got my hands on them - Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate, for example- I discover a fervor similar to the first youth, and yet I am sure that is much more profound, and even more radical".

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