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From the first apparition of his memories in 1828, thirty years after his death, the figure of the Venetian adventurer has triggered a unanimous interest in the readers and critics. The main reason for this lies without doubt in the multi-faceted personality of the character whose innate curiosity made him at a very early age and without reservations into the world of art and science, where he obtained several successes. Nevertheless, for a huge majority, his fame is limited to an eventful adventurer life full of fun love events, which caused the wedging of the adjective "casanova" as the epitome of the gallant libertine. Although Casanova was a true "casanova", forgiving the repetition, his observations on the time he lived cause the same or even more interest. He lived in the 18th century, a moment when society was experiencing important changes that lead to the stemming of modern thinking. Casanova will assist to these events becoming on hi own right in the most important witness of his time through an agile prose that captivates the reader from the very beginning.
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