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Poetics and Poetry

Jesús Munárriz

18, 20 December 2007
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  • Poetry, a way of life
    Jesús Munárriz


    When reaching a certain age, writing a poetic as a project for the future does not have much sense. Whatever has been done, is already done, in a way that one's poetic will basically be whatever has passed in his poems, something like a final account of the lyric results.

    My poems speak about many things, or even better, there are many things being expressed in my poems: the huge field of reality in all its variations and directions that I have attempted to address, listen, interpret, give shape and voice so they would be saved from oblivion.

    People, animals, landscapes and plants, as well as books and its creations, paintings, sculptures, buildings, music..., all have spoken to me. I have listed to the thoughts, to history, to policy, and also to the adobe, the birds and the children. I have listened to love, life and death. I have glimpsed the complexity of the world and peeked into the secret veins that run through it and intertwined. And I have attempted to put my words, my craft and my art at their service. The knowledge learnt from three centuries if poetic practice, from frequent visits to what has been written by my predecessors, the poets of all ages and languages, particularly my language, this iberian and mestizo language called Spanish, in which so many beautiful verses have been written.

    My reason to write what I have written, and to continue doing it, is being someone worth being read and remembered within that long list of poets. Hoping to have contributed with my verses to a new face of conscience, richness and beauty of the world and its inhabitants.  

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