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A summary of their participation by the speaker

  • Shakespeare and his time
    Ángel-Luis Pujante

    The first part of the conference will be devoted to the life of Shakespeare. Due to the many biographical gaps, it will be unavoidable to pose hypotheses and deductions, which will be mainly based in the documental data we posses, lowering the importance of anecdotes and avoiding unfounded speculation.

    The second part will present the historical, social, and cultural framework of the Elizabethan England in which Shakespeare was born and lived, especially focusing in its main socio-economic traits, the religious changes, the humanistic education and universities, and the theatrical life of London at that time.

  • The work of Shakespeare
    Ángel-Luis Pujante
    The almost forty dramatic works and several poems of Shakespeare give testimony of more than twenty years of intensive literary activity. Following the edition of 1623, the first can be divided into historical dramas, comedies, and tragedies. Nevertheless, this classification and other posterior ones are not satisfactory, because not all that were are included (and vice versa) and hide the fact that Shakespeare's work were not normally pure genres. The conference will address the production of Shakespeare as a work in continuous evolution and experimentation, focusing especially in four dramatic pieces that illustrate this characteristic, and in which it is possible to see his frequent mixture of genres. Also, and although briefly, we will speak of Shakespeare's poetry, and especially his sonnets as a key part of the whole of his work.
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