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A summary of their participation by the speaker

  • Jacobo Muñoz

    Nobody can hide the amazing catalogue of transformations that the world has experienced at all levels along the last decades. A world that is less and less conceptually graspable as a consequence of, among other factors, the unstoppable economic, political, technological and even aesthetic "globalization". In regards to thought, the critical analysis of the "pathologies" of our two-faced civilizing project, at the same time repressive and emancipating, has lived years of splendor through the inheritance of Tocqueville, Marx, Weber and Freud. It is already very little what we ignore of ourselves. It is possible, nevertheless, that a particularly radical variation of the critic may have remained within certain circles, what makes of it a "total critic". Thus the need to maybe make a stop in the way and ask ourselves again about the current controversial and questionable validity of normative contents of Modernity, identified with the Enlightenment legacy regardless of how many qualifications we may need to do. What transformations should we do in order to make it work again? The objective of this conference will be to propose the possible lines of revitalization beyond pessimism and optimism, and without the intention of being conclusive.

Fundación Juan March
Castelló, 77 – 28006 MADRID – Spain
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