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The speaker summarises the contents of the series

  • The Hypochondriacal Life of Juan Ramón Jiménez
    Andrés Trapiello
    The life of Juan Ramón Jiménez, like it was the case for many Spaniards of his time, is presented divided into two halves, depending on whether we look at it before or after the war, while he lived in Spain or while he lived and suffered a long exile. One and the other part were nevertheless united by the constant premonition of his death, which was announced to him along his early youth due to the dramatic disappearance of his father, a fact that conditioned all of his personal and vital circumstances.
  • Poetry and Truth in Juan Ramón Jiménez”
    Andrés Trapiello
    Probably the most extraordinary achievement of Juan Ramón Jimenez's poetic work, in verse or in prose, lyric, narrative or critic, was that he was able to do the work without having his personal circumstances, the fierce hypochondria that conditioned all his life, interfering with it, and it may have indeed been a spur for his constant extreme depuration. The reading of his work approaches us to a hero by the means of poetry, like those Spartans he homaged since his youth adopting from them the parsley branch he used, as an anagram, in the cover of his books. 
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