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Silent Cinema

Detective Film
"The Cat and the Canary" (1927) by Paul Leni

29 May 2015
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A summary of their participation by the speaker

  • Manuel Rodríguez Rivero
    Premiered in 1927, at a time when silent cinema had already reached a splendid maturity, The Cat and the Canary (“El legado tenebroso”) is one of the first samples of a genre that would make fortune along the following decade: the horror comedy with haunted houses and ghosts. Its director Paul Leni, one of the fundamental figures in the German expressionist cinema, had arrived to Hollywood that same year, hired by Carl Laemmle, the founder of Universal Studios. The movie is focused around the inheritance of the eccentric millionaire Cyrus West, and is inspired on the homonymous comedy by John Willard that had obtained a great success in Broadway the years before.

Ver vídeo: Presentación de <em>El legado tenebroso </em>(1927) dentro del ciclo "Género policíaco"
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