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A summary of their participation by the speaker

  • Manuel Hidalgo
    The Wind (El Viento) was the great master piece of Victor Sjöström's American period, and one of the best films in silent cinema. The influential actress Lillian Gish choose herself the Swedish director to address this adaptation of Dorothy Scarborough's novel. Both had recently worked together with full satisfaction in The Scarlet Letter (La mujer marcada, 1926). The Wind is a vigorous melodrama in which the bad luck in love and the hostility and precariousness of the social environment are paths leading to tragedy within the framework of a devouring landscape. It is a properly exploited film by the plastic qualities of Sjöström, a director who was well gifted for visual aesthetics, which were never gratuitous but lyrically united to the true intimacy of the characters. Being a cinematographic and theatrical actor himself, Sjöström was also an excellent director of actors. The talent of Irving Thalberg, the mythical producer of MGM, is equally responsible for The Wind, a movie that was written by Frances Marion, one of classic Hollywood's greatest script writers.

The transition from silent to talking movies

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