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Silent Cinema

Comedy Film
Seven Years Bad Luck

8, 9 November 2013
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  • Fernando Lara
    Classified by Román Gubern  as the "first great comedian of the screen" and "fundamental milestone in the history of the comic film", Max Linder determined a decisive twist of the genre. In opposition to the miserable and clownish looks of his predecessors, he imposed the elegance of the Parisian "dandy", more of a hedonist bon vivant, always on the search of a difficult feminine conquest within a bourgeois environment. A direct predecessor of Chaplin, who got to recognize his influence over him, Linder attained a great popularity. His master piece is Seven Years Bad Luck, which he directed in 1921 during his second stay in the United States, and from which the extraordinary mirror scene is always remembered. The scene would be imitated several years later by the Marx Brothers in Duck Soup.

Comedy Film

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