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Silent Cinema

Comedy Film
Safety Last!

6, 7 December 2013
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A summary of their participation by the speaker

  • Carlos F. Heredero

    Harold Lloyd (1893 / 1971) was at the beginning of 20's the best payed actor in the world, and one of the richest men in America. He had starred in more than 180 comic short films (a number higher than what the combination of Chaplin and Keaton could produce) and he was a born winner who lived in a huge mansion in Beverly Hills with 44 rooms, an olympic pool, sports fields, and golf course. And it is precisely about this -the conquer of social success- that most of his films talked about, including the short films, the eleven silent and seven sound feature films in which he starred along his entire filmography. Among them, we have of course Safety Last! the fourth of his feature films, a movie that includes one of the most famous comic scenes in the history of cinema: the one showing Harold Lloyd escalating a high skyscraper and holding on to the hands of a clock. An iconic image a thousand times repeated that lives in the imagination of all fans.

    Creator of a characteristic character ("Winckle"), always wearing a straw hat and tortoiseshell sunglasses, Lloyd sought humor through the misunderstandings that tend to place his creature in an embarrassing situation, which he normally ignores and cause the emotional bonding with the spectator, as it is masterfully represented in the first sequence of Safety Last! His humor is always calculated, precise and with a marked tendency to acrobatic situations, among which the force of the high-point scene of this movie shines. A movie inspired by the discovery by Harold Lloyd of a true "human fly" who was dedicated to climbing buildings (Bill Strothers), and who as a matter of fact stars in the most dangerous scenes of the film, where he was the stunt of the extremely famous and wealthy Harold Lloyd. 

Comedy Film

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