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Silent Cinema

Comedy Film

14, 15 March 2014
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  • Manuel Rodríguez Rivero

    In 1927, once silent films where almost finished, It by Clarence Badger was premiered. Badger was a prolific North American director who today is almost forgotten. The strange title -that in Spanish would be translated into "eso", or maybe the more Freudian "ello"- refers to the disembodied and subtile mixture of mental brightness and magnetic force that makes the people who posses it irresistible to others. In Badger's movie, a fun romantic comedy with melodramatic twists and a glorious ending, the person who has "it" is Betty (Clara Bow), a humble girl looking like the girl next door, who manages to overcome the social barrier and makes Cyrus (Antonio Moreno), the heir of a department store where she works as a clerk, fall in love with her.

    The movie, whose copies were considered lost until finding one of them in Czechoslovakia at the beginning of the 1960's, is also a magnificent document of the postwar women in the 1920's, those cheeky flappers, uninhibited and bursting with energy that can be found in the narrative of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, and definitively bury the innocent, sweet and suffering heroine incarnated the decade before by Mary Pickford or Lillian Gish.

Comedy Film

Ver vídeo: Presentaci&oacute;n de <em>Ello</em> (&quot;It&quot;, 1927), dentro del ciclo &quot;La comedia cinematogr&aacute;fica&quot;
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