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Manuel Longares, as seen by Luis Mateo Díez

Born in Madrid in 1943, the roots of Longares in the experience of life has the irremediable referent of the experience of literature. The life that is lived, the time of this life, the urban landscape assumed as a scenario, and the look that reflects in the writing all the heritage of a fertile imagination, which is not only supported on reality but also on the artistic transfiguration that has been recreated. Experience and experimentation in the first narratives of Longares: the trilogy, recently reedited under the title La vida de la letra, where the author writes the lyrics of life, gives life to words supporting on the fascinating and significant erotic novels of the first centuries, the opera and the zarzuela, achieving gallant and musical plots that shine light over realities and social and unexpected individual behaviors, something like the most secret and mysterious part of that side of reality that lies at its booklets. Other vital gadgets tprovided by Longares' conscience and sensibility, orientate other novels and tales that are unmissable milestones in our comtemporary literature: from Romanticismo to Nuestra Epopeya, La Ciudad Sentida, Las Cuatro Esquinas, or Los Ingenuos.

The variations in the procedures of a mode to decipher reality, extort it and clarify it, give results that are as original as they are surprising, normally filtered by irony or a hilarious humor. Whatever Longares tells us, is always tinted by this conscience that distills in the imagination and echoes in the filter of the writing. The will of style is in him the will of those who know that only with the necessary words it is possible to achieve a greater degree of expressiveness and sense.

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