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Antonio Escohotado, as seen by Alfonso Armada


The history of the Spanish heterodox would be incomplete without the figure of Antonio Escohotado. Born in Madrid in 1941, he carries with a kind of ironic dignity the fact that he his always associated with an essay that has never ceased to be reedited. His Historia de las drogas includes some of his character and mind traits: the insatiable curiosity for the travels of body and intelligence. If thinking means thinking critically, putting in doubt the establishment in any of its representations, Antonio Escohotado has taken to its limit  this vice of thinking independently with all its consequences. His attitude has only puzzled those who consider him "one of their own", something that is disturbing for someone who does not to like be seen as a preacher. This is why he has puzzled and perplexed, and even irritated, travel companions of all ideological sides.

He prefers to go on his own, as he has always done. This is why he has spent 14 years putting his heart and soul into exposing with full conscience those he calls the enemies of commerce (From the title of his work Los enemigos del comercio: Una historia moral de la propiedad). He has published until now two documented, extensive, and provocative installments. Due to the publication of the second volume, he received me with great cordiality at his home in La Navata. We had not met before, but it was a pleasure to watch him thinking out loud. From that interview, which was published in the newspaper ABC, I remember two pearls worded by the same person who after flirting with Communism, has become a defender of Liberalism: "The wish to kill was higher in Marx than in Stalin" and "Utopia, on top of being foolish, is inmoral". Essayist and university professor, law, philosophy, and sociology have been his most powerful magnets. We should not forget among his works La conciencia infeliz. Ensayo sobre la filosofía de la religión de Hegel; Caos y orden; Marcuse: utopía y razón; Majestades, crímenes y víctimas; and Sesenta semanas en el trópico

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