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Ernesto Caballero, as seen by Karina Garantivá

In the exciting universe of the Spanish Golden Age theatre there is a figure, a man -there were also women, but few- who is the undisputed protagonist of the theatrical act, although for centuries he has not received the attention he deserved: the "comedy author". Not the writer or "poet" composing the text, but the person who buys it and from that moment becomes responsible of everything related to making that text reach the scenarios. The person in charge of hiring the actors, arranging the company, coordinating the rehearsals, the responsible for all economic affairs and for all the networking with relevant organizations related with the representation of the comedy in theaters, squares, palaces, private homes.... His responsibilities are even political, social and moral. The later, in the strict term and in the right moment, although this should be further explained later at some point. As time has passed, each of these duties has been assigned to a particular position: producers, directors, actors and actresses, exhibitors, technical staff in charge of scenarios, wardrobe, music, etc., and even cultural managers from private initiatives, but mainly, from city halls and otros institutions dependent from central administrations.

But why this long introduction?... The answer is simple. We want to introduce Ernesto Caballero, who like many others devoted to scenic arts, is very much a "comedy author": he his a man of theatre in such a wide sense, that reminds us of the "authors". Ernesto Caballero (Madrid, 1958) has worked for many years in the world of scenarios from the private side, and knows very well how difficult these daily fights are -in the present, even more- in the theatrical universe; he has also been scene director in many public institutions where he has received a very fair recognition, for example in the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico where he has staged plays based on works going from Pérez Galdós to Valle-Inclán, or from Ionesco to Juan Mayorga in the Centro Dramático Nacional and La Abadía; he has adapted and staged, on his own or in collaboration, many texts from Spanish and foreign authors that have toured all around Spain; he has also given lessons in the Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático in Madrid where he is full Professor... And he his very familiarized with the day-to-day management as he has been director of the Centro Dramático Nacional for some years now, a very satisfying position, yet full of difficulties. We would also need to add, because it is after all a recognition to his constant and well-executed work, that he has been laureate of the Max Award, the José Luis Alonso Award granted by the Asociación de Directores de Escena, the Crítica Teatral de Madrid award for being the best author of the season... And these are only a few.

But ending with what could perfectly be the beginning, Ernesto Caballero is a magnificent writer, one of the best -and we speak in present tense- theatrical authors of the last decades: Squash, Retén, Rezagados, Destino desierto, María Sarmiento, Un busto al cuerpo, Pepe el Romano, Te quiero, muñeca, Tierra de por medio, etc., are some of the texts that make him not only an "author of comedy", but also a "dramatic poet".

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