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Francisco Nieva, as seen by Luciano García Lorenzo

Born in Valdepeñas, (Ciudad Real) in 1927, Francisco Nieva has been, and is, one of the most important names of the Spanish culture along the last decades. Trained at the Real Academia de San Fernando in Madrid, Nieva has developed his pictorial activity fundamentally within the vanguard movements of Paris in the 1950', and later in Italy, Spain, etc., presenting his paintings in several European galleries and being in contact with the best artists of the time.

In regards to theatre, there are three fields in which Nieva has obtained more recognition: on one side, his labour as scenographer and costume designer in some of the most important theatres of Europe (Komische Oper Berlin, Vienna, Palermo...) and later in a more regular, way mainly in Spain; in second place his labour as scene director in numerous works, including exclusively texts, operas and zarzuelas, remaining for the memory his productions of Cervantes, Bernard Shaw, Valle-Inclán, Weis, Mozart... And finally, as author of dramatic texts, Nieva has a very special place in the history of recent dramatic literature, and not only for the worlds full of fantasy, mocks, and passion created for the scene, but also for his domain of the language that puts him side to side with the best Spanish tradition of Cervantes and Quevedo, and even his admired Valle Inclén.

Two sessions in the Fundación Juan March will be devoted to understand better the universe of Franciso Nieva, joining this way other recognitions he has recently received: Académico de la Lengua, Premio Nacional de Teatro, Premio Príncipe de Asturias...

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