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José Luis Alonso de Santos, as seen by Andrés Amorós

It is a common opinion of the critic that the work of José Luis Alonso de Santos (born in Valladolid in 1942), is the best example and testimony of the Spanish theatre along the democratic period. He has succeeded, like probably no other author, in the difficult change from independent to commercial theatre: Along three decades he has managed to premiere thirty works of notable theatrical and literary value, consolidating this way a very solid author career, inside and outside Spain. He is, above all, a man of theatre. He has done virtually everything in theatre together with writing it: he has acted, directed a piece, directed a company, he has been a teacher, he has written two important theoretical treaties...

Since the beginning of his career, all critics highlighted the theatrical quality of his writing, his capacity to communicate with the audience, creating dramatic conflicts and believable characters. He has proclaimed in many occasions that, without being a tradition at all, he writes for the audience; so they can share his text, understand it and get excited by it. Bajarse al moro quickly became an obligated reference for the new Spanish theatre, represented in many scenarios and studied in the universities of many countries.

This season has been a particularly relevant one for him. Among other things, he has premiered the new production, directed by him, of his work Trampa para pájaros; and his Obra Teatral, so far composed by two volumes, has been published. And above all, on the 16th of october 2008 he premiered at the Lope de Vega Theatre in Seville his work La cena de los generales, under the direction of Miguel Narros. Since then, it has been touring the Spanish scenarios with great success and the critic has confirmed that it is one of his most complete works. It will arrive in Madrid the next September to inaugurate the season of the Teatro Español. And at the same time, the text will appear in the prestigious collection Clásicos Castalia, an edition by Andrés Amorós.

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