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Eduardo Arroyo, as seen by Félix de Azúa

Painting or splitting face?

Can there be a more charming couple than the paintbrush and boxing gloves? Although boxing is considered a rough practice, of great physical wear and little intellectual initiative, some of us are convinced that it is not so distant from the elegant craft of the paintbrushes.

For the art of painting, an excellent physical shape is needed, although the reason is not related to the moment of execution, it is imperative before the combat with the blank surface. I really do not believe that a quality boxer jumps into the round without having previously meditated a composition. And this way, just as the fighter draws the combat in his head before it takes place, a painter needs to conceive the image of what should appear in the blank boxing ring before attacking. Boxing and painting are won in the conception of the combat and in the improvisation of the round.

These and other are the things that I would like to discuss with Eduardo Arroyo, welter or super-welter weight depending on the years.

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