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Emilio Lledó, as seen by Manuel Cruz

What is a sage? Someone who does not only think on what happens, but, above all, someone who thinks well. Someone who not only fails sometimes to find sense in the world, but someone capable of detecting the profound nonsense that inhabits it. Someone who does not provide us with the means to reach happiness, but does provide us with the indications to live life with the most intensity possible. Someone who upon the generalized hurry with which the alleged thinkers attempt to leave the big questions of the spirit -which are also the inevitable questions of life- once they are perceived as out of fashion (maybe in fear of aging due to them), never forgets that bad answers always expire before the good questions. Someone who gets excited upon thoughts, and precisely due to that, obliges the people listening to think. Someone who always speaks about the same because is aware -through the deep and warm wisdom of the thinker- that there is only one thing which is worth speaking of. Someone who cannot be confined into a particular theoretical framework (history of philosophy, philology,...) because he is within the secret that a unique certainty may be reached through several paths. Someone who can be praised (and it is a great praise indeed) because he inhabits his word.

Have you guessed it? I was speaking of Emilio Lledó.

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