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Poetics and Theatre

Juan Mayorga

26, 28 April 2011
Image of the Lecture

Juan Mayorga, as seen by Luciano García Lorenzo

Juan Mayorga is the most important drama author of his generation, and a key name to understand the evolution of Spanish theatre along the last decades. Doctor in philosophy and university graduate in Mathematics, Mayorga offers in his theatre density and precision, contents of recognized value, and an enviable construction of his dramatic texts. Since his first work, El sueño de Ginebra (1996), until Penumbra, currently in the Nave 10 of Matadero in Madrid, Mayorga takes to the scene conflicts in which the most intimate an painful worries of man, policy, and society are present, and where the interpersonal relationships intersect and overlap, making use of a word in which he trusts and with which he fights, while fleeing in the scenery from the most minimal excess. The word, the language, as a mean for domination, the dialectics of the master and the slave, the violence and submission, the abuse and the dependence, the extortion and the abatement... Language as way of communication, but also as a sample of the social universes and a mirror of individual relations. Words -like in his most recent texts- for the pain of body and soul. And among many other things, a critical attitude: "as a citizen, I am interested in having resources for dissidence, specially for that dissidence that is endangered because it does not know how to become a merchandise. I am aware that my own autonomy depends on the autonomy of a critical culture. This is why I am only interested in a culture that makes me and my fellow citizens a critical community".

Juan Mayorga has premiered in many countries and has been translated to many languages. He directs this year a seminar on memory and theatre in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)... Those of us assisting every day feel very proud of sharing with him theatrical wisdom and humble simplicity. 

Ver vídeo: Resumen de la conferencia y lectura dramatizada
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