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Poetics and Theatre

Lluís Pasqual

21, 23 February 2012
Image of the Lecture

Lluís Pasqual, as seen by Luciano García Lorenzo


Lluís Pasqual was born in Barcelona (1951), like so many other essential figures needed to properly explain what has the Spanish theatre been along last decades. Currently, in the pike of his maturity, Pasqual is also one of the most internationally recognized directors, and possibly together with Calixto Bieito, the director with the greatest presence across all Europe.

Indeed, Pasqual has spent a good number of years of his life with international responsibilities and, among other tasks, we should keep particularly in mind the five years he spent as director of the Odeon Theatre in Paris. This activity outside the Spanish borders, is further complemented by very complicated stagings in Italy, Russia, France, etc., along with the two years in which Pasqual devoted all of his efforts and knowledge to the Venice Theatrical Biennale (1995-1996). From his international experience, it is also worth noting the different stagings he has done in America, such as the several shows directed in the San Martín Theatre of Buenos Aires during the 90's.

But before and after these professional works, Pasqual does an excellent job of scene direction specially in three Spanish cities: Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilbao. It is in the Catalonian capital where he started his activity at a very young age in companies like La Tartana y Teatre Studi, but it is the founding of the Teatre Lliure what nakes Pasqual an essential man of the scenic works in Spain along the last decades. Pasqual has returned to Lliure recently, although before that, along most of the 80's, he had director responsibilities in Madrid in the Centro Dramático Nacional (CDN). This was the key period, due to many reasons, for of the taking-off of the Spanish scene activity that we are still experiencing in the present. Regarding his work in Bilbao, which occurred right before his reintegration into Lliure, Pasqual was the director of the Arriaga Theatre, an emblematic space of the Basque capital. Unfortunately, the need to summarize for the conference prevents us from also making the necessary stops related another of our director's passions, the opera. A realm in which he has also earned much recognition with stagings in Madrid and other important European cities, including of course Barcelona, where he became co-director of the Gran Teatre del Liceu for more than two years.

Lluís Pasqual has chosen many authors, and consequently, many texts with which he did the stagings -from Lope and Calderón to Shakespeare, from Chekhov or Pinter to Peter Handke-, but we would nevertheless would like to highlight the special attraction he has always had for Federico García Lorca. Any scene aficionado will remember his, otherwise discussed, staging of El público during his time heading the CDN. This staging, together with others like El Caballero de Olmedo in the Avignon Festival, or Luces de bohemia in the Odeon, are references, though maybe minimal, of the work of Pasqual, specially in regards to his work with texts from Spanish authors of different time periods. A work in which Fabià Puigserver was also closely involved. A person who understood theatre exactly the way that Pasqual has defined it in many occasions: a wonderful metaphor of life.

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