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Poetics and Theatre

José María Pou

26, 28 February 2013
Image of the Lecture

José María Pou, as seen by Luciano García Lorenzo

It is said, although it is not true, that the actors -comedians, entertainers,...- were not buried in sacred ground during the Spanish Golden Age. But if we go along this way using our imagination, José María Pou (also an actor, but with many other mandates) would deserve the interior of a cathedral with a chapel apart. This is so because Pou, on top of being an educated, exquisite, and generous person, is also one of the most cult men that Spanish theatre has seen in recent times. In order to prove my statements, I could mention his election of the texts he has defended in the scenario, the translations of English-speaking authors he has done for the stages, the interventions he has repeatedly had in movies or television... But I will allow myself to point out that which normally is not remembered, and this is the magnificent, the exceptional voice of José María Pou. A voice that made some of his first (and mystical) masters fall in love with it; secondly, the unforgettable radio programs he caressed with that voice along five years in company of  Concha Barral, and that were dedicated to musical comedy. Traveller by vocation and intellectual by necessity, Pou brought to Spain the best of Broadway and London, and precisely in homage to the former, he entitled his space "La calle 42". There are many of us who have theatre as a fundamental reference in our lives that frequently jump into the noise of that street, and others close by, being the cause of making this jump the familiar sounds of a beloved city and the sounds of old, or not so old, unforgettable musicals. 

Already many years ago, a critic fellow country man of Pou, entitled the review of one of Pou's interpretations as: "A monster is on the loose". The text that followed included a simply enviable portrait of Pou, the artist and the person. By the end of next February we will be able to confirm this. And much more, because the decades that have passed since this chronicle have made our friend more wise, a better person, and a better citizen.

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