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Jorge Edwards, as seen by Jorge Eduardo Benavides

Jorge Edwards has built with time one of the most suggestive, chameleonic, and interesting works of Spanish literature, on top of finding a spot due to his own merits among the most conspicuous representatives of that which has been called the Hispanic American Narrative Boom: all of this without stridency nor sudden flares in the media horizon, in which every now and then we see the crossing of occasional shooting stars, both novels and novelists, who time always puts in place at the end. This way, for me his novels represent more appropriately "permanent stars", as they have withstood the pass of time, and still continue fresh, crispy, and totally actual. It is not even necessary to point out how Persona non grata still warns us, like it did at the time of publication, about the fact that a paradise without escape is hell...

But it is not only that book, of course, because all of his many novels are full of questions, elegant games of mirrors where the reader peeks into the complexity of human nature, and show the Chilean writer and diplomat as a cunning strategist of the narration who manages with skillful hand a plethora of technical resources at the service of the plot. This way, reading El origen del mundo, La mujer imaginaria, El anfitrión, or his most recent novels like El inútil de la familia o La casa de Dostoievsky, among many others, introduces us into a world rich, complex, and full of subtleties. A real celebration for the readers seeking for "something more" in literature. Edwards demonstrates along his entire career -which still continues full of vitality and intensity- how literature can be profound without falling into solemnity, brilliant without making us blind, and full of questions without being snobbish.

Notable novelist and keen columnist, Jorge Edwards is still a first level intellectual of reference in our society. Due to this, it is natural to think that as time passes; and regardless of the many awards, prizes, and distinctions he has received -and will most likely continue to receive-; the most noble, the best and most valuable recognition is being a "persona non grata" for all dictatorships and all fundamentalisms, while remaining as an extremely welcomed person for the rest of us.

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