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23, 25 September 2008
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La Celestina, the Lazarillo or the "picareque material" in general, not to mention the Quixote, represent a lucky anomaly leading to the apparition of a radically original literary species. Modern novel is owing to the prose of real events and some intellectual inspirations common throughout all of Europe. But only the special circumstances of Spain could give it shape, as it did, in order to constitute the key genre of modernity. Dámaso Alonso projected the book entitled Spain and the novel in which he proposed studying the tendencies of our letters, which between Escil and Caribdis can be tracked from the Cantar del Cid to the 19th century novel: a singular "realism" as distant from other traditions as from poetics and the schools of the following periods. The point of view presented in these two lectures are not in full agreement with the ones by the missed master, but are a reply to his stimulus and a homage to his memory.      
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