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In the first conference, Jacobo Siruela will discuss the forgotten world of dreams and the constant role they have played in history and human culture. And in the second he will analyze the metaphoric quality of onirism from the diverse Asian doctrines of illusion to the different  philosophical and psychological Western views. If the first conference is an interdisciplinary vindication of the reality and the substance of the dream experience, the second will deepen in the vision of dreams as a metaphor of life.

The author explains in his book that "art, religion, philosophy, science, policy and even war, this is, basically any human activity, is periodically influenced by certain dreamlike 'messages' full of sense for the actor that receives them in the scenario of dreams... It would be worth questioning ourselves if in that bottomless abyss from where onirism raises -that dark chasm that separates us from the world of those beings awaken- is where the seed of many or our moods and thoughts lie before appearing later and developing during the day". 

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