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In the first conference, we will address the family origins of Unamuno and the weight of the Basque tradition over his juvenile work. The romantic Basquism as a predominating factor in his training and his philological vocation. The sympathy of the adolescent and university Unamuno for the federalist ideas. The influence of positivism in his vision of the people's history, and the contradiction that it caused in both his intellectual projects and his political thinking along his youth.

The second conference will deal on the Unamuno of the end of the century. His adhesion to socialism and his role as the first Spanish socialist with a university chair in the Partido Socialista Obrero Español. The crisis of 1897 and the separation from socialism. The ideal of pedagogic redemption as a way to the national socialism.

In the third conference, we will address the trajectory of Unamuno during the period of ascension of totalitarianism. His confrontation with the liberal monarchy after the crisis of 1917. The Unamuno exiled under the Directorio. His compromise with the II Republic and his progressive separation and confrontation with it. Finally, his changeling relationship with the rebels during the first years of the civil war.

Jon Juaristi

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