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"With Vampyr I wanted to create in the screen a dream with the eyes wide open, and prove that terror is not found in the things that surround us, but within our own subconscious". These words from Dreyer alert us that we will be entering a subtile, dark world product of our own mind, where suggestion rules over reason. A full treaty on fear that uses the world of vampires as a pretext, but putting distance from the topics, as at the end of the day, these creatures symbolize the fear toward ourselves. Vampyr may very well seduce us now more that at the time of its creation, as the times we are currently living have prepared us for this.


Clara Sánchez

The transition from silent to talking movies

Ver vídeo: Presentaci&oacute;n de la pel&iacute;cula <em>Vampyr </em>(1932), dentro del ciclo &quot;El paso del cine mudo al sonoro&quot;
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